International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) Advisory Group on Research and Knowledge Translation (AGRKT) survey on fulfilment of research requirements in the Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) educational programmes: barriers and facilitators (Dimension 9 of IFOMPT Educational Standards). 
Exit Survey
To all course leaders of OMPT educational programmes (programme leaders) throughout the world regardless if you are in a country which is a Member Organisation (MO) or a Registered Interested Group (RIG) of IFOMPT, or not (yet) participating in IFOMPT.


Background: The IFOMPT Educational Standards have been developed to standardise and optimise the quality of OMPT education. For OMPT educational programmes, which are delivered in and outside of the academic setting, anecdotal feedback indicates that it is a challenge to obtain proficiency in Dimension 9 (Research) of the Educational standards. This can be a barrier to becoming a MO of IFOMPT (see Standards Document, Dimension 9 Research, Table 1).

Purpose: The aims of this survey are to:
1)      Obtain information on strategies used by educational programmes that successfully fulfil all requirements for Dimension 9 (Research) of the IFOMPT Standards.  
2)       Collect information on barriers and difficulties programmes may face in fulfilling the requirements for Dimension 9.
A goal for the Advisory Group on Research and Knowledge Translation (AGRKT) is to develop strategies and provide help to programmes that may be struggling to fully meet the requirements for Dimension 9 (Research). They will work together with the Standards Committee in striving for this goal. The information you provide in this survey will help inform these strategies.

Who should complete the survey? All OMPT programme leaders/directors are asked to complete this survey. The link to this electronic survey can be sent on to all OMPT programme leaders/directors and completed via Question Pro. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Procedure: The link to the survey will be shared by either an IFOMPT representative (MO or RIG representative/delegate), the OMPT organisation either or not registered by IFOMPT (yet), and through the direct link available on the IFOMPT website. The information collected will be handled with full discretion and confidentiality. All data will be combined to provide a summary of the information in a report, which will be shared with the IFOMPT Executive Committee, Standards Committee, IFOMPT members, and interested programme leaders. If you would like to seek further help from IFOMPT, you can share your name as a programme leader and the related programme, so that the AGRKT can contact you to discuss how we might offer you further assistance, if related to Dimension 9. Mentorship is also available through the Standards Committee. Sharing your contact information at the end of the survey is optional. If you wish, your contact details will be shared with the Executive Committee in confidence.

Hosting by a ‘Third trusted party’. We thank SOMT University in the Netherlands for kindly hosting this survey, to diminish costs for IFOMPT. The quality manager of SOMT is not related to IFOMPT and will pass all received information through to the AGRKT, according to a non-disclosure agreement.

Questions If there are any questions regarding the survey please contact Dr. Annelies Pool-Goudzwaard +31646154440 of the AGRKT.

IFOMPT Advisory Group on Research and Knowledge Translation
The survey will start with general questions, secondly focussing on the content of the education on research. In addition, questions will be asked on research in process as well as on how the implementation of research is reached. Some questions have been added in relation to the educational organisation. Finally, we will ask for your input on the facilitators and barriers you have experienced in achieving Dimension 9.